Our Revolution Endorsements


ORKC endorses candidates, ballot initiatives, and party policies in local, state, and national government.  We do so only after thoroughly vetting them and holding an informed discussion and public vote by our membership. An endorsement from ORKC reflects the degree to which the candidate’s policies and practices are consistent with the political program of the organization. Vote “Yes” in this case, Why did we not endorse in some races? Sometimes neither candidate is consistent with our organization’s goals. We did not list those races below. But if confronted with a choice between ok and worse, we encourage you to support the more progressive alternative. Vote “strategically” in this case. But not all alternatives are acceptable. An explicit rejection from ORKC reflects the degree to which we believe that the policy or candidate would only make matters worse. Vote “No” in this case.

Current Election Cycle:

2019 Primaries


We’re thrilled to announce that our members have voted overwhelmingly to endorse Eric Bunch for KC City Council! Eric strikes us as an imaginative person that can visualize the world around him as it could be, not as it’s always been or how an established order dictates it to be.

Eric’s Website
Research White Paper

We are thrilled to endorse Brandon Ellington for City Council! He’s a progressive, independent thinker who’s been a champion of the people from his current office in the Missouri House of Representatives.

Brandon’s Website

Kansas City City Council District 4 At-Large Austin Strassle ENDORSED (Local)

Blue Springs City Council District 1 Scott Casey ENDORSED (Local)

Past Elections:



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U.S. House Kansas 4th DistrictJAMES THOMPSON ENDORSED (Local & National)

State Representative Kansas 47th DistrictGEORGE HANNA ENDORSED (by Local & National)

State Representative Kansas 25th DistrictRUI XU for ENDORSED (by Local & National)


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State Representative Missouri 50th DistrictMICHAELA SKELTON ENDORSED (by Local: Mid MO ORKC & National)

Amendment 1Clean Missouri, ENDORSED (Vote “Yes“)

Medical Marijuana in Missouri: Various Ballot Initiatives

Constitutional Amendment 2: New Approach Missouri Medical Marijuana Initiative ENDORSED (Vote “Yes“)

Constitutional Amendment 3: The Medical Marijuana and Biomedical Research and Drug Development Institute Initiative (aka the “Brad Bradshaw” Initiative) REJECTED (Vote “No“)

Missouri Proposition C, Medical Marijuana and Veterans Healthcare Services, Education, Drug Treatment, and Public Safety Initiative REJECTED (Vote “No“)

Missouri Democratic Party PolicyHEALTHY MISSOURI REJECTED 

Proposition B Raise the Minimum Wage, Endorsed (Vote “Yes”)


U.S. House Kansas 3rd DistrictBRENT WELDER ENDORSED (Local & National)

U. S. House Missouri 6th DistrictWINSTON APPLE ENDORSED


Constitutional Amendment to Article VIIIRANKED-CHOICE VOTING  ENDORSED


Sheriff, Wyandotte County, Kansas: CELISHA TOWERS, Endorsed

Board of Directors, Water One – District #1, Johnson County, Kansas: JESSICA SKYFIELD Endorsed

State Senate, Missouri 8th District: HILLARY SHIELDS Endorsed