About Our Revolution

Our Mission

Our Revolution Kansas City works in Western Missouri and Eastern Kansas as part of local, state, national, and global communities. We work to transform those communities through education, direct action, and political engagement. We are committed to bringing about a peaceful political revolution in the furtherance of economic, political, social, racial and environmental justice.

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The National Organization

Inspired by the national presidential campaign of U. S. Senator Bernie Sanders in 2016, Our Revolution is a national movement intent on building a lasting movement for progressive political change. Our Revolution is comprised entirely of volunteers from the National Board of Directors (read their Statement here) to the people who staff the local branches. We come from a variety of different backgrounds and carry with us a variety of perspectives. We bring prior experience in nonprofits, labor unions, activism, and government. Our Revolution is a non-profit funded primarily by individual donors. We do not and will not accept corporate PAC or “dark” money. We limit large donations from single individuals. (View our national list of donors who have given $250 or more in a single year.) Our Revolution is committed to transparency. You can find full documentation of our national bylaws and policies here.

Our Revolution Kansas City

Our Revolution Kansas City

In 2017, Past President Jared Wight took the lead in transforming a campaign effort in 2016 into a political movement for social justice here in Kansas City. Our Executive Board consists of volunteers from both sides of the state line. We bring practical experience with activism, communication, organizing, research, and everyday life. Our local bylaws can be found here.